December 11, 2008, 4:27 pm
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alison11. What motivates you?
The whole art making process is really enjoyable for me. When an idea comes together and “works”, when the vision is fully realized and completed it’s an unbelievable feeling. In my work I make use of simple props such as fishing wire, bed sheets, salami and other various everyday objects. I am fascinated with the meeting of two random elements coming together to create a whole new relevance. It is rewarding when I can draw the viewer into this beautifully grotesque fictional world. Of course not all of my ideas work out the way I intend them too, but when I feel I have created something new it very motivating.

2. Who/what are your greatest inspirations?
I love 60’s and 70’s horror movies, tacky suburban houses, and absurd humor. My favorite movie would have to be “The Tenant” by Roman Polanski, it based upon a surreal novel by Roland Topo. The film about a hyper-self-conscious character and his descend into paranoia and madness but somehow he still maintains elements of humor the whole time. I seek to evoke similar qualities through my work. While exploring expressions of neurosis, anxiety, and displacement, elements such as, twisted humor, and horror come across. I also appreciate low budget B-horror movies. In a low-budget film the director is able to take many more risks and chances that a well-funded commercial film would stay clear of.


3. Who is the most important person in your life?
That’s such a hard question to answer because once you name someone your leaving so many others out. My mother is a very important person in my life, even though she doesn’t understand my work. She sat for a photo once and posed for one of my Spaghetti portraits. James, my boyfriend, has always been so extremely supportive and has been totally helpful on sets.

4. What rituals, if any, do you perform before a big shoot?
I don’t really have any.

5. Whats your next project?
Well, I just finished all the work for the upcoming show in January. The collection is an exciting new chapter in my work. I explore the comfort of the familiar, the elements of the unknown. Diving deeper into a strange, beautifully grotesque fictional world. The opening is going to be a lot of fun, so please come by, everyone is invited!

An Uncertain Nature, opening reception January 8th from 6-8pm, Massimo Audiello Gallery 526 West 26th Street No 519 NY, NY 10001

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great interview–love her work!

Comment by Sarah Elizabeth

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