Tate Modern Goes Street
July 24, 2008, 9:50 pm
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Ok everyone, it looks like it’s finally safe to stop talking about about how graffiti should be called street art and how there’s totally a Banksy in the West Village and no one’s should be covering it up. It’s officially art, so says the Tate Modern. They’ve even created a game for kids on their web site, which is nifty and provides a little giggle for those of us who are already familiar with the medium. I won’t presume to discuss the political implications of each piece because you people are smart enough to figure it out for yourselves.

The Tate has sacrificed its enormous front walls to six hot names in street art: Blu, Faile, JR, Nunca, Os Gêmeos, and Sixeart. So hot right now. Don’t worry kids, artist profiles to come, so stay tuned to Spiral (bitch). K$

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The fact that street art is free, to me, makes it more of a “pure” art form. I like the picture also. Where did it come form??

Comment by rvewong

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