June 29, 2008, 12:50 am
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Basically, right now, Jeffree Star’s on fire. First, the ‘Queen of the Internet’, now the ‘Queen of the Warped Tour’, and somewhere in between there the ‘Queen of the Beautiful’. The bitches blazen, which is why I choose to share with us this gorgeous Jeffree Star inspired fan ink. WEED WOMAN

Photo: Amanda Brooks, Fan in Texas

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Most certainly, I remember Jeffree Star reppin’ from tour bus to tour bus in last summer’s Warped Tour ’07. He comes off as such an oddity, a cool one to check out ’cause all the punk hardcore boys were like, “WTF just went that way?!!” As a woman, I don’t necessarily look at him and feel like he’s more on FIYAH than I am though gurrrl! He’s fabulous in his own glory, but he needs a little junk in da trunk department if he’s gonna rock ’em boy shorts and I rocked those like crazy that summer and well. As for being the Queen of the Warped tour, maybe at first glance…. but trust me, I think once you’re 100 cities into the tour, making 2 hour lines in the hot scorching sun to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, stuffed in a tour bus with 9 men, hoping to shower every night, stuck in dust bowls in the rain and whatnot, even Jeffree Star can get old real quick. Power to the people. Paz

Comment by Dixie

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